Customer Support


delivery-icon What type of deliveries do you offer?

You stay in control of the delivery time. Our target is to make sure that your parcel gets to you as soon as you have placed the order. We will continue to notify you by email or text when your parcel is picked up, and all the way to when our rider is approaching your address.

delivery hours icon What are your delivery hours?

We are here for you round the clock. However, this depends on the availability of our riders at the time of booking our service.

package-tracking-icon Do you offer package tracking?

Yes, all of our deliveries come with package tracking so you can stay informed about your delivery status.

delivery-time How soon will my parcel be delivered?

This will depend on the distance between pickup and delivery, and of course, other factors that are out of our control, such as traffic conditions. We have set ourselves a target of a 15-minute delivery average time. Our team will continue to work hard to deliver our promise.

checkout-icon Can I choose Parcel Royale as a delivery option at online checkout?

Most definitely. Most e-commerce websites are now integrating Parcel Royale into their online checkout to enhance their customer's experience. And rightly so, because we deliver to their customers in record time.

address-delivery I am sending a parcel to my brother. Do I need to write the receiver and sender's addresses?

No, you don't have to. You do not need to spend time writing the address on the parcel since you have indicated that while booking for the delivery. Parcel Royale rider will take it straight to the addressee.

security-icon Can I trust the Riders not to tamper with my parcel?

Parcel Royale take the security and safety of our customers' packages very seriously. We have strict protocols and guidelines in place for our riders to ensure that packages remain secure and are not tampered with during transit.
However, it's always a good idea to take some precautions when sending a package, such as properly sealing and packaging the contents and, if you must, label the parcel appropriately. If you have any concerns about the security of your parcel, you can contact our customer service team to address any questions or concerns you may have.